Our contribution was to provide efficient design solutions established with the project manager, including the necessary adjustments that were not taken into account at the time of design; so the main goal was to meet the higher requirements of the Beneficiary.

Emergency Hospital BUCHAREST- maintaining a proper air conditioning enviroment on the whole building (medical rooms located on the entire A side composed of P-10), using 390 interior units connected to pipes and grilles, served by 9 exterior VRV systems.

Air conditioning of the clean room, block operator type, from the ophthalmology department - Microsurgery salons from a state hospital in Bucharest - we used a complex air conditioning and ventilation system.

Our contribution consisted in finding optimal solutions for temperature and air quality control throughout the year, according to Health Ministery regulations.

Using a heat recovery ventilation equipment and a complex system of rigid and flexible tubing, we achieved an optimal ventilation of the building. Until then, it only functioned with air conditioning equipment, which caused an unhealthy environement for the employees (the air from the offices was extremely vicious).

For creating a proper climate environement of all spaces, we used an outdoor unit type chiller, Trane brand, and inside, depending on the destination of each space was used:

Creating a proper air conditioning environement of a rehabilitated building was made using 5 VRV FUJITSU systems (one for each floor), with both four-way discrete cassette units and carcasses mounted on the bottom of the wall.

ShowRoom Dacia


Create an air conditioning and ventilation system for both: showroom and warehouse using three DAIKIN VRV systems.

We used 12 FUJITSU simple spit air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 9000-12000 BTU, of which about 10 indoor units are 4-way cassette for office space and one split unit type of 12000 BTU, with continuous cooling operation, for each server room.