Our story

We are a Romanian private company with experience in the design, execution and maintenance of integrated systems for air conditioning and ventilation and installation accessories for installations.

Our main activity is the accomplishment of complex industrial-residential air conditioning and ventilation projects, strictly observing the basic rules for their installation and operation.

We hold, in this respect, certification of AGFR (General Association of Romanian Refrigerants) and ISO9001 (Quality Management) certification. We have professional staff with a solid professional training (over 15 years in HVAC) and motivated by the achievements and the prospects.

Our projects

Our contribution was to provide efficient design solutions established with the project manager, including the necessary adjustments that were not taken into account at the time of design; so the main goal was to meet the higher requirements of the Beneficiary.

Emergency Hospital BUCHAREST- maintaining a proper air conditioning enviroment on the whole building (medical rooms located on the entire A side composed of P-10), using 390 interior units connected to pipes and grilles, served by 9 exterior VRV systems.

Air conditioning of the clean room, block operator type, from the ophthalmology department - Microsurgery salons from a state hospital in Bucharest - we used a complex air conditioning and ventilation system.

Our contribution consisted in finding optimal solutions for temperature and air quality control throughout the year, according to Health Ministery regulations.